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Related post: Date: Sat, 16 Aug 2003 17:42:26 +0100 From: Gerry Taylor Subject: The Reluctant Retrainer - Chapter 4 - Gay - AuthoritarianThis is the 4th chapter of The Reluctant Retrainer - part two of a trilogy of underage nasty teens novels of gay sex.Keywords: authority, control, slavery, punishment, re-training, submission, loyaltyThis story is entirely a work of underage asian pics fiction and all rights to it and its characters are copyright and private to and reserved by underage boy picture the author. No reproduction by anyone for any reason whatsoever is permitted.If you are underage to read this kind of material or if this material will be unlawful for you to read where your live, please leave this webpage now.Contact points: eMail: Web: Reluctant Retrainer underage petite nudes by Gerry TaylorChapter 4 -- Four incorrigiblesOn Wednesday, after my other luncheon appointment, Farouq al-Hamdi had me collected at the Bank, again in the Rolls, and underaged teens porno whisked to the helipad at the airport where his private helicopter -- the new Puma ExCom type - flew me inland and southwards for just over an hour into the foothills of Dahran mountains.For some reason, I had expected a coal-mine type of entrance to a mine russian underage erotica shaft with some sort of train carriages going in and coming out like I had seen as a child in cowboy and western or coalmining films.In fact, underage sexy galery it was nothing of the sort, but a rather large hole in the ground as it appeared at a thousand feet from up in download underage girls the air. Landing right some two hundred yards from its edge on a concrete helipad in front of a hanger, I could see youg underaged girls that the hole in the ground must have been almost a half a mile across.A constant stream of bodies in the distance like little ants were working at various aspects of the mining, either breaking the soft sandstone rock and the yellow subsoil with a form of local adze, or sifting it, underage masturbation or taking the useless portion of it up out of the pit and creating little hills of earth at some remove underage nude boys from the pit itself.The hanger was attached to some rather Spartan but functional offices such as any modern production facility underage girls nonnude might have. The only specific difference here was that the finished product would be an opal and the production operative a slave. The raw product seemed to create a lot of dust in an already duty desert because of the underage pussy 13 soft sandstone in which it had rested for a million years. But when the raw opal was found, it was an odd spark of brilliance detected from the unpolished brittle gemstone -- a promise of brilliance, beauty and wealth to come.The general manager of the operation was waiting for me just at the edge of underage porn anime the helipad -- underage drinking pictures a Lebanese who spoke English with a French accent. He accorded me the reception which only royalty expected. It was very clear that his Master - as he referred constantly to Farouq -- was tiny underage sluts so very pleased at my underage in russia accepting the assignment. About the four slaves, cp underage photos he was really telling me little that I did not know already, so I asked to see their files.I had discovered not long after my arrival in Dahra that every slave has at least a four page file -- two of nudes underage photographs - underage girlz pix head, profile, full naked, torso, genitals, anus -- and of personal details of prior to enslavement and of training after their `lifting' as the handlers call it.The first slave was French, then two Americans, and the last was an Australian. All had reasonably similar characteristics of what might generally be described of the `working class'. The French slave had worked in a meat insest porn underage factory as a meat packer. The Americans were a lorry driver and an electrician. The Australian was a house painter and decorator.All were bbs underage model fit, or rather none was overweight, and all were between 5 eight little underage pic to 5 eleven. The Americans were cut. The French and the Australian slaves uncircumcised. All were modestly built in the wedding tackle department when flaccid, though none would ever again be using his tackle in a matrimonial setting. The Australian and the American, who had been an electrician, were listed free underage boys as having a nice 10 underaged teen galleries uncensored underage sex and 9.5 inches respectively when fully erect.According to each one's file all were reasonably tight anally, and for this type of slave, virginity was not of importance. The two Americans had been married, the other two no.I noticed that while I had been reading the files - the general manager sitting in quiet attention -- I had actually stretched out automatically on two occasions to help myself to water. This was the centre of gangbang underage Dahra. Desert was on three sides with the Dahran mountains to the west. It was hot. It was more than hot. We were inside in an air-conditioned cool and I was casually dressed for the day that was in it.I asked where the four slaves were and was told in a holding cell in one of the buildings.I said that I wanted underage fucking bitches a quick fifteen minute inspection of the mine and its working, which we did from a type of covered platform overlooking the hole in the ground. It was a seven day a week operation from sunrise to gay underaged russian sunset with two hundred and thirty three slaves, twenty five trustee slaves as underage tgp nn supervisors, four inspectors who were in charge of each production shift and the general manager who also had an office staff of seven. It was quite an operation to keep going in temperatures which at the upper edge of the hole must have been in the mid-eighties, and underage nudity boys heaven alone knows just what a bbs underaged girls hundred and fifty feet down in its bowels.The general manager, who had been slut underage girl there six years, said they got in some forty new slaves each year -- which to my numerical brain and banking mind said that a slave died each week and an average slave would last seven years.I noticed that each of the supervisors and the inspector I saw had the new electric Topper cattle-prod specially modified for slaves. The general manager had a Siefens taser on his belt, much japan underage photos like a mobile phone. I had heard that they could stop a gorilla underage hardcore pic at thirty paces.Looking at the slaves, they were now a little bigger than the ants I had seen from the air. Those thirty or so who passed us by pushing small railway type cars full of subsoil seemed to be fit and well nourished.Most were underage vombats with some type or another of headgear, all totally naked, unwashed, unshaven, all with a nose ring - which went from quite large or small - many with ringed ornaments on their nipples, quite a lot with tattoos, all wearing the right ankle titanium slave bracelet with the GPS satellite locator insert.The manual work itself was not difficult apart from its repetitive nature and the bringing of the subsoil to the top -- the sandstone being of a very friable and crumbly in nature. What was killing was the heat of midday, and these slaves worked underage illegal nudity right through a twelve hour shift!Farouq, I thought to myself, would therefore be spending a million euro or so a year on new slaves. And here, he was spending a million on the re-training of four of them. `Curiouser and curiouser' as they say. There was more to this than just his reputation.I had seen enough of the mining operation. The general manager walked me back underage sex holiday the couple of hundred yards to the buildings. It black underage porn was a gentle walk, but I could feel the perspiration dribbling down my back and flowing down from my armpits as my body tried to rid itself of the heat it was absorbing so unrelentingly.I was walked into the holding cells to see the four angel underage porn recalcitrant slaves. The first thing that struck me was the coolness of the building after the heat of the sun as it came up to midday. The second was the smell of unwashed bodies that only the really unwashed human body can give off.The four slaves were in a single large cell sitting underage girl lesbian down backs to the walls. The front of the cell was formed of standard bars with a barred gate. The very first thing that I noticed about art underage all four of them was their nose rings. It little boys underage is strange how we look at people's faces first. The second thing was their perfectly even tan all underage 18 porn over their underage illegal paysites naked bodies. I remembered that one slave had been in the mine of over a year and the others for lesser periods down to one month -- the American lorry driver. Maybe he was the catalyst or the key to this whole matter, I mused, as Farouq's problems had only started about then.The general manager was obviously taking no chances as he had four supervisors in attendance each with a small type of steel rod with a rubber handle on it. On the top of the rod, there was a hook.One underage pedolove of the supervisors shouted underage fuck vids `On your underage naked fotos feet' and the four got up, the American arrival last. I said I wanted to inspect each of them.A supervisor when into the cell and clipped the hook of the steel rod to the nose ring and let out the first of the two American slaves -- the one who had got to his feet first.He was about five foot nine in height so I had no trouble looking directly into his eyes. He did not wish to keep eye contact, but supervisor twisted the rod and I sweet underage sex could feel the jerk empathically as his face was brought round again for me to look at him.`Easy, boy, easy. I am not going to hurt you, just to look at you,' I underage hentai anime said putting my hand flat on his hairless chest. It was warm and I could feel his thudding heartbeat.`What do they call you?'He hesitated a moment and the supervisor twisted the rod again. I held up my hand to tell the supervisor to stop.`What do they call you?'I asked again when the slave had time to focus his now watering eyes.`Randy.'The supervisor girl russian underage was going to twist on the rod again, because of the lack of respect to a Master, xxs underage whose questions must always lesbian nude underage be answered first with the word `Master,' but I stopped him.`Randy, if I take off this hook thing, will you allow me to inspect you, without you doing anything stupid? Will you?'He looked at me confused -- obviously the first free choice that he had been given in a long time. My hand had not left his chest. His eyes had ceased to water as they had underage sex porn been with the pulling on the nose ring. I had my underage child bikini head very close to his.He said `Yes' very quietly, and seeing my cocked head of enquiry, and hearing my under-the-breath whisper in his ear of `Yes, Master,' which I thought no one but he would hear, he replied just as quietly `Yes, Master.' I had him confused. First game to me, I thought.The supervisor unclipped the steel rod with practised ease and quickly stepped back out the way as if a bull was suddenly on the loose.Randy took his nostrils in his hand as if to wipe them or perhaps just to sooth the underage perteen porn stinging pain of the rod's weight on the ring in his septum.`Now, let underage porno picture me take a look at you, Randy,' my underage pussy I said as I looked his body over which trim, hard and was devoid of any real fat. He was ornamented differently from the others in that his nose ring was smaller, but he had heavy metal ring in each of his nipples and a type of two inch metal cinch at the base of cock and balls which forced a false erection of about 9 inches and a tightening of his scrotum.I ran my hand down his belly and onto his cock. That was even enough to make it rise even further.`Bend and spread,' I ordered and he knew what to do - bending over and spreading the buttocks of his arse.Although his file had said that he had no anal experience of note, that had clearly very underage teenporn changed. When he stood up, I said to him so quietly that none of the other might even hear it, `A bit of action down there recently, I see.' His tight underaged pussy eyes betrayed him when they flickered underage xxx torrent over to the other underage teens bbs American in the cell. His eyes also held defiance, but not really any fear.Giving him a smack on the naked underage asians butt, and pointing to a underage fuck movie space at the wall outside the amatuer underage cell for him to go underage cheerleader model to and sit down, I said to those in the cell, `Next.'As the Australian started to come out, I said to him, `Do I have to have you hooked up to that rod thing?'The general manager and the supervisors were looking quite nervously a bit away on my left, and at the same time keeping an eye on Randy standing at the wall, his hands by his side.`No.'There was hostility in his eyes a type of defiance and a fair teenteen underage naked bit underage teenpic of anger.Up close to his ear and again with my hand on his chest as previously with Randy, I whispered `No, Master,' and waited until sexy underage models he had swallowed hard and finally said very very quietly, underaged teens gallery `No, Master.'Pete was the Australian's name and soon he too was dispatched to be standing beside Randy. He, too, had seen some anal action.The next one out was the Frenchman, whose name according to his file was Raoul, and who had some sort underage grls of ring around his balls holding them tightly together. When I touched them, he arched very quickly up and away from my fingers, though I had merely brushed them over his balls. Either the ring made his balls very underagelickingdolls sensitive - I could not imagine how it had been put on - or else he was gifted with touchy balls. His nose ring was large as indeed was his single heavy nipple ring porn underage illegal which pulled down the centre of his left teat.When I ran my fingers up his perineum during the `bend and spread' inspection, he shivered and clenched his butt underage girl panty hole, but not enough to conceal that it had been heavily used.When I said to his ear when he stood up, `Who has been fucking you, my French friend?' his eyes opened wide, but like the others, not really waiting for underage naked pix the answer I already knew, I smacked him on the butt and sent him on his way.The last American was another kettle of fish to my mind entirely. His file said his name was Henry but known as Todd for some reason. He was the lorry driver and, of the four at 5 foot 11, he was the tallest and at 82 underage pono kilos the heaviest.His eyes smouldered resentment, anger, hatred and even more anger. He seemed to be thrown off balance, when I said, `Todd, do you want to give me your word you won't try anything on coming out of that cell?'With his hands on his hips and forefingers pointing down towards his genitals, he was in the rape cp underage classic stance of the alpha-male, proud, arrogant, undefeated and unbroken leader. He was clearly the leader of this bunch. How many of them he had fucked apart from Randy would remain to extreme underaged be seen.`Fuck you, mister!'`Nice try, Todd,' I said quietly to underage child sex him, `it will take a lot more than that to get me even annoyed.'Turning to the general manager, I asked if they had a neck and wrist collar. They did. I told them to bring four and waited looking into Todd's rebellious eyes as I did so.Two underage childfuck pics of the supervisors approached him very carefully and put on the neck collar and snapped the wrist restraints on to the back of it. His wrists were now effectively tied at the back of his neck with velcro and the hooks snapped onto the collar itself.I ran my hand down his chest and touched his left nipple ring. It flashed through my mind that Farouq must underage incest pictures be right handed if almost all his slaves have a left nipple ring, young pussy underage giving him a greater control over them. Todd flinched.`Whoa, Todd, whoa, I am not going to hurt you' I breathed in his ear. `I am just going to check you out as I did the others. underage thumbnail sex young underage I am not going to embarrass you in front of them. So, stand tall.'His eyes showed confusion. It was not what he had expected and was now caught off balance precisely where I wanted him. He was being humiliated privately by me, but not publicly before the staff and his friends.`Now, Todd, spread those legs nice and wide and bend underage naked teenagers over'.I almost whispered to him. `We don't want those supervisors forcing your legs apart do we?'And with two fingers on his outstretched left elbow, I bent him forward as easily as pulling back a curtain. underaged nudemodels Perhaps, it was to show that he could do it, but his legs were all of three feet apart and more.I spread the cheeks of his ass real underage pic easily and merely looked at his intact anus. Giving him a schoolgirls underage smack on the rump and having him stand up, I again whispered `So, Randy has never been up there. But you have been up Randy. Top dog, eh Todd? In every sense of the word.'He started to mouth `Fuck you,' but I put a finger to my lips and said, `I heard you first time, Todd, no need to repeat yourself.'I had the supervisors put the neck collars on the other three slaves and I told general manager that I would be taking the four of them now off his hands. He looked relieved.I had checked with the helicopter pilot on the way to the mine, and the `copter could take the weight of an extra four persons no problem. I said they would be in the cargo area as they would be slave cargo. Again, he had said no problem, and had pointed to the various metal hooks in underage female pussy the storage area to which cargo was usually securely fastened, though fake underage not usually of a living type.Seeing a shower area -- clearly not frequently used by the unclean nature of the four slaves -- in the general vicinity of the cells, I looked into it and sure enough there was the usual slave underage virgin galleries shit holes. Turning to the boy underage pics latin underage nude four, I signalled them in and said `We are going on a two hour journey. Each of you will now shit and piss.'One by one, they went in, arms cuffed in place behind their heads, squatted in an uncomfortable balancing act because of their hands being behind their heads, and shat and pissed over the shit hole. It was, in a sense good to underage tiny girls see, as it told me that they underage bondage pedo had learned something in their slavedom -- how to control their bowels underage virgin thumbs and bladder teen young underage until told.The four slaves were a bit surprised when instead of being walked out to a lorry they found themselves being walked over to a helicopter and up the three steps into the cargo bay area where the pilot clipped the collar of each one to the nearest restraining hook to each salve on the inside of the chopper.I said to the four slaves, `This is not my helicopter. If you piss in it, shit in it, or get sick in it, you will lick it up when we land. Is that understood?'As there was no real little underage sex reply, I said again, `Is that understood?'There was a murmur amateur sex underage of `Yes, Sir,' `Yes, Master' and two nods, one from the Frenchman and one from Todd the American. I banged shut the cargo door and left them sitting on the floor of the chopper hooked up to the chopper's wallsTo be underage post bbs continued...
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